Returning to In-Person Learning

As we return to school on Monday, January 17, 2022:
  • Students MUST use the daily screener before coming to school every day and follow the guidance. Student school screening
  • Please use this self assessment tool as well for your guidance. Student self assessment tool
  • If Students are sick they MUST stay home and isolate as required.
  • Students MUST properly wear a mask at school.
  • Students MUST sanitize their hands regularly while at school.
As we return to school during this phase of Covid-19, due to the high transmission of the virus all students from K-12 must wear a mask. Requiring our Kindergarten students to wear a mask at this time is an added layer of protection for students and staff. Staff will be provided with non-fit N95 masks and can wear either a medical grade mask or an N95. Students are to wear their own mask or a 3 ply cloth mask which will be available for those who need a mask.
As a reminder all BGCDSB schools are mechanically ventilated using MERV 13 filters and meet the requirements outlined by the Ministry of Education guidelines. We have HEPA filters in all of our Kindergarten classrooms and we are expecting another limited shipment over the coming days.
We have also been informed that we will be receiving Rapid Antigen Tests for students and staff. (Two tests per individual) When they arrive, distribution will begin with elementary schools and when we receive subsequent shipments we will send them home with our Secondary Students. The Rapid Antigen Tests are to be used when an individual is symptomatic. Please use them in conjunction with the revised symptom screener.
As with many other sectors of the economy, responding to the possibility of increased staff absences due to the high number of Covid 19 cases along with the isolation requirements is going to be a great challenge for school Boards. We have been working through planning models to keep our schools open for in-person learning on a daily basis. We will endeavour to do all that we can to run a daily schedule as close to normal as possible. However, families need to be aware that there may be the possibility of school closures because we are not able to staff the schools adequately to ensure the safety of our students and staff. We will provide as much notification as possible when we need to close a school for operational reasons. In these circumstances we would move to remote learning. Families should have alternative plans in place in the event of a school closure. We know and appreciate that this is not ideal; however, the safety of our students and staff is vitally important and is our first priority.
We look forward to returning to in person learning and being with our students once again. We are adhering to the provincial guidelines to ensure that our students and staff are safe. As always, if you have any questions please reach out to your Catholic School Principal.
Be Safe and Be Well,
God Bless,
Gary O’Donnell
Director of Education